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Neck Lift(Neck rejuvenation, Neck tightening)

Early signs of ageing, as seen in the neck, can be quite disconcerting. This is especially so for many middle-aged men and women who are otherwise fit and healthy and lead a disciplined life. They find the appearance of horizontal wrinkling and skin laxity in the neck area, difficult to come to terms with. Many non-surgical treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures are now available to reduce or reverse these signs. We, at AESTHETIQUE, address this problem using one of a multitude of treatment options, including energy devices, SNIF or Neck Lift Surgery.


  • Early wrinkling in the neck area
  • Loose skin along the jawline 
  • Loose skin on the neck

Benefits of Neck Lift

  • Rejuvenated and fresher look
  • Younger look
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Substantial weight loss, leading to saggy and loose skin
  • Can now wear open collar clothes


This is done using energy devices that cause skin contraction. It is an excellent tool for early signs of ageing. It usually requires a few sessions at two to four-week intervals. The results are encouraging.

This procedure is best for necklines. A small quantity of your own fat is harvested and is processed and injected into the necklines to soften or obliterate them.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to remove loose skin along the jaw line or the neck itself. The resultant neck shape is wrinkle-free, smooth, and rejuvenated. The results are dramatic, satisfying, and long-lasting.

Under General Anaesthesia or Local Anesthesia + sedation

Inpatient/Outpatient Procedure

It is usually an outpatient procedure, that is, the patient can go home the same day.

The regular work can be resumed after 3 weeks of the procedure.

Long-term, if healthy weight maintained.

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a private consultation please call us or request an appointment with Dr. Sandeep Sharma and one of our assistants will be happy to help you.

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