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Breast Surgery

One of the most artistic aspects in the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery, breasts play a critical part in the life of a woman. A breast surgery increases or decreases the size and shape of your breasts, and is also used to correct sagging or droopiness. Genetics, ageing, weight loss or pregnancy are some factors that contribute to smaller or “deflated” breast appearance. Some breasts are uneven in appearance. These factors can greatly affect a woman’s confidence and in turn, enhance her self-esteem.

Like many aspects of “good” plastic surgery, our goal is more about creating beautiful curves and shapes, and not just working on the size. This may involve lifting, reducing, augmenting or a special combination of all these techniques. We take pride in our world-renowned expert Dr. Sandeep Sharma who with his immense expertise minimises the incisions and therefore, limits scarring whenever possible for all the procedures.

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